Monday, 7 April 2014

Great Things About Holidaying During School Term Time

With the recent controversy over parents taking children out of school to go on holiday during term time to avoid the price hikes, travelling during term time is increasingly restricted to those of us who don't have children in school. I do apologise to everyone reading this who is unable to travel during school term time. For most of us who are restricted to school holidays though, there is always an end in sight.
Whether you are a teacher who will retire and travel around the world, or whether you currently have children in school, there is always an opportunity in the future to look forward to when you can make the most of the joy that is travelling when everyone else is at work! Here are just a few reasons why
1. Travelling is so much easier
You know when rush hour is, it's the same time every day. There is no danger of a tourist induced backlog in any of the little villages you drive through so just time it right and your journey will be plain sailing (or driving).
2. Everything is quieter
Whether you look at historical sites, museums and art galleries, or whether you opt for theme parks and adrenaline fuelled attractions, there will be fewer people and fewer queues.
3. There's nothing worse than other people's children
This is the one thing I've learnt since having children myself. Mine are a total pain but they're mine, so I put up with it. Other people's children misbehaving is a different matter. There's nothing I can do about it, so travelling in term time is always a winner with me.
4. Everything is cheaper
When you have booked your flights and accommodation in advance, the really expensive part of the holiday is paid for. That said, you will still want to go and have days out, enjoy meals at the local pubs and restaurants and part with your hard earned cash in the local area. Unfortunately, during school holidays the prices rocket everywhere. Going on holiday during term time will mean that you really will spend next to nothing.
5. You can book later
There are a limited number of people who can travel during school term time, so your dream holiday is far more likely to be available at the last minute. Do bear in mind that last minute flights can be expensive, but if you are intending to go through a travel agent, the likelihood is that they would much rather sell the holiday to you at a cheap price than accept that it is unsold.

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