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Places to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is such a wonderful place to visit! The Archipelago offers a lot of options available for any traveler seeking for adventure or just pure relaxation. The Philippines beaches are famous for its white sand as well as its rainforest that became UNESCO heritage sites. Eco-Parks became famous since local governments began launching environmental preservation campaigns. Let us not forget the scenic volcanic sites prominent in the whole region.

Summer Season is the perfect time to visit in the Philippines and enjoy the dry weather and moist air
Most attractions in Luzon (Northern part of the Philippines) are mountain ranges, beaches and Rocky hills. Heavy rains are experienced from June to September, so summer is the ideal time of the year to pack your bags and tour to Luzon. If you will be coming from Manila, you wouldn't have to worry of expensive plane rides because most of the areas in Luzon could be toured in 4-wheeled vehicles. That is, if you don't mind the long and bumpy ride which is evident in most provinces here. Bataan is one of the many places in Luzon that can boast white sands and crystal clear water. Water trip adventures are available in most resorts so there's no room for boredom. A reasonable 2-hour travel from Manila will bring you to Bataan.

The regions of Luzon will amaze you with its gentlest and wildest features. The cordillera mountain range. Perfect for Mountain Climbing and Biking activities in the Philippines.
If Camping is your thing, the Luzon rainforest boast the largest track of virgin Jungle in the Philippines. The cordillera mountain range covers 40% of the country's forest. Mountain climbing and Biking are some of the many activities you can do while enjoying the beauty of the Luzon rainforest. If you preferred a more organized and "closer to urban" trekking and camping, the JEST camp in Subic Bay, Zambales offers activities you will find safe even for kids as young as 7 years old. It's a home to the U.S Navy seals and several Military camp units, so safety is guaranteed.
The Bangui wind farm in Ilocos, Norte offers a breath-taking view of over 20 230-ft wind turbines that is the source of electricity in the area. Most Hotels in Ilocos offers online booking, so finding a place to stay would be easy. The Mount Pinatubo is a new tourist spot in Luzon, its eruption back in 1991 formed beautiful land ranges and blue-green lakes that magically evolves every year. The easiest way to get there is by getting a daytrip package from Manila or Angeles City. Most trip package has an option for groups and individuals, group packages can go for as low as 2,000 Php per head.

Luzon alone can boast thousand of natural and man-made creations that will swoon you
If summer is a "me" time for you, then go for Batanes. Its lighthouses in Sabtang, Batanes will leave you the feeling of Relaxation and Serenity. Since Batanes is far from the cities, the Ivatans (locals of Batanes) were able to maintain the purity of the place and their culture through time. You can book a room for 1,200 Php per night per person, but do your booking early! There aren't a lot of available hotels in Batanes during summer. If you are planning for a meaningful but short trip, go for Pagsanjan, Laguna. Pagsanjan Town is just a mere 2-3 hour ride from Manila. You can Visit the three-shoot Pagsanjan falls at 125 Php Day tour trip. The most famous way of getting there is through "Shooting the Rapids" boat ride.
Luzon is rich in both culture and natural wonders. Its beaches and Mountain ranges are its biggest assets. Do not let your summer vacation pass by without knowing Luzon better. The Adventure lies not only on the awesome places you visit but the rich cultural traditions that locals from the land has maintained throughout the series of Modern Revolution.

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